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A room fit for a Queen

Creating a bedroom fit for a queen with a modern and chic design style can be a very exciting, yet challenging task for some. In order to bring an inviting and warm atmosphere, there are certain colours, decor and style elements that can be used to build the perfect space.

The first step of the process is to decide what your colour pallet will include, designing a mood board can help. It is important to incorporate neutral and white colours into the design. Using shades of white, cream, gray and beige creates a light and airy backdrop that will instantly give the room a soft, elegant feel. Adding a few touches of colour such as blush pink, lavender or light blue will add a girly touch to the room without overwhelming it.

When it comes to style and decor, the key is to strike a balance between modern and chic. Incorporate simple, modern furniture pieces such as an upholstered bed frame, a tufted velvet headboard and mirrored furniture to give the room some glamour. To give the room a pop of colour and texture, add some velvet or satin pillows, a soft and cozy throw blanket and a faux fur rug. Adding some simple drapery will add a touch of luxury and help complete the look.

For a truly “soft life” aesthetic, add some greenery and fresh flowers to the room. Place some plants in the corner of the room, as well as some scented candles around the room to give it a calming and inviting atmosphere. Be the Queen you are!

Links to a few neutral decor pieces:

Throw Pillows- Ceramic Vases -

Throw Blanket - Decorative Pamas Grass -

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