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5 Ways to dress your entryway

The entryway to our home has the most important job of all. It acts as a gatekeeper, welcoming all visitors and householders alike.


A console table creates needed storage space while adding a touch of style to the area. Selecting a colour that blends well with the existing decor will allow an easy transition throughout the space.


A large mirror over the console will reflect light and make the space appear larger than it actually is. It can be centered just about a foot above the console.


By adding live plants and greens to a space we are essentially bring the outside indoors. Plants are nature's pride, and can bring a room to life with colour giving off a feeling of warmth while adding a cool, calming fresh element to the space.


A basket is a great idea for convenient storage with a touch of style. It can be used as decor since it adds a comfy-cozy feel to any interior. Baskets can be positioned at opposite ends of the console, underneath the console or they can rest on top of the console.


Decorative pillows go a long way in completing a look. Whether it's bold and modern, shabby chic, eclectic or contemporary, pillows bring all design elements together by making the house feel like a home. Experiment with different shapes, textures and colours for an overall unique look.

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